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About our Affiliate Program

Earn money by promoting Honey Surfer! Become an affiliate and the more customers you refer to us, the more you make.

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How It Works

  • Register to become an affiliate

  • We will review your registration, this usually takes 2-3 days

  • You will receive a link in your email (check your junk mail) which will take you to your affiliate dashboard

  • On your dashboard will be your own link and coupon code that you can share

  • Anyone using your link or coupon code will earn you a commission

Using an Affiliate Link

Affiliates each get their own unique affiliate link that they can share with others. Anytime someone clicks on that link to make a purchase, that affiliate gets 10% of the purchase price. Affiliate link clicks get saved in site cookies as well, so if a user clicks has cookies enabled, then any purchase they make in the next 30 day period will also earn that affiliate a commission.
You can share your affiliate link anyway you like. Affiliate links can be put in Facebook and Twitter posts, in Instagram pictures, on TikTok profiles, or even in videos. We also provide banners so that people have an image to click on when they want to use your link.